This year I have started a new project in order to make better use of social media. I work on one font for one hour per day for a total of 24 hours. Each hour, I post my progress. I have daily posts on Instagram and Twitter and I encourage feedback from anyone. I am not saying 24 hours is enough time to complete a fully formed font. The aim is to show my design process for educational purposes and to get some new designs out there and see what becomes of them.

24 hour font

Day 1

Say what you like about Bob Dylan, the man knows about story structure.

Oh, Where have you been, my blue-eyed son?

This year I have mostly been working on a new project in my new home in Barcelona. Its called 24hfont (pronounced Twenty Four hour font).

Oh, what did you see, my darling young one?

I saw friends and designers I respect making good use of their skills and creativity to carve out niches for themselves in the design market. I saw that I have a good network of type friends who can support and guide my designs. I saw that I have been working for two years in type design and have not yet released a font. I saw a Barney Ronay article about cricket set against the backdrop of A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall by Bob Dylan.

And what did you hear?

I heard you tubers claim to create a font in an hour. I heard the days of acting alone are over. I heard the divide between Reading and The Hague lasts for generations. I heard you can waste your time selling yourself to your own industry. I heard Monotype owns the licences of designers who hate them. I heard fonts are software and shouldn’t be for sale. I heard that licences are of less value than trust and there’s nothing I can do if someone steals my work. I heard a computer could do what I do a lot faster. I heard that what we do isn’t design anyway and that none of us could call ourselves real designers. And I heard that I shouldn’t give up my day job.

And who did you meet?

I met very smart and passionate people from every corner of the globe who share a love for written communication. People who support other designers and volunteer for type industry neighbourhood watch. People who welcome new type designers and give advice for free. People who said I should start my own foundry, People who said that they would work with me. People who said they had no problem if somebody else copies a font of the month club.

Oh, what’ll you do now?

I’ll finish what I started which is the hardest thing in type design.

I’ll kern and I’ll extend and I’ll release the Lightbulb font on Future Fonts.

I’ll get going on Day 2 of @24hfont. Its a gift for my brother.

I’ll release my MATD project Hayward on Google Fonts.

I’ll release Joaquin. A project only four of you know about.

I’ll start a foundry with a couple of my friends.

Then I’ll stand on the ocean until I start sinking’.

new letters-04